Huskensweg 17B
6412SB Heerlen

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Het Verzet.

“Het VerZet is a crew from the south of The Netherlands that brings Hip-hop as it is supposed to be: bangin’ beats and the best lyrical skills. The crew consists of two producers, a DJ and six MC’s. Since 2007 they have been building on their live reputation with over 100 shows for crowds in many cities in Holland and Belgium but also Moskow and Saint Petersburg. They performed as support act for international artists like Delinquent Habits, Redman, Rakim and KRS-ONE and have amazed many festival crowds
In 2010, Het VerZet infected YouTube with the “Cypher virus”, which was instantly copied by other rappers and Hip-hop platforms throughout the country. However, none of them did what Het VerZet did… Get over 700.000 views from worldwide fans and create a big buzz in Eastern-Europe and Russia.”

Based in: Huskensweg 17B, 6412 SB Heerlen

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